Referees Responsibillties

  1. All referees are to check in with the Field Manager at their assigned field 30 mins. prior to kick off. (6:30 pm for a 7:00 game start)
  2. All referees are to be dressed in appropriate attire e.g. (running shoes, jogging pants, shorts, t-shirts or sweat top). No jeans, sandals, jewelry, etc.
  3. All referees are to come to work prepared with a whistle, sports stop watch and a coin of some sort to toss to start the game.
  4. Referees are to walk the field to look for hazardous items before the game starts. Anything found that needs to be removed please tell a coach or shed convener to remove it. You are not to remove anything from the field yourself.
  5. Referees are to introduce themselves to both team coaches 5 mins before kick off to confirm the amount of players playing on the field and to give a 5 min warning for the game to start.
  6. It is the referees job to keep the official time of the game, games are played by two 25 min half’s and one 5 min break in between.
  7. All calls made by the referee are final, the referee is the only one that can make official calls on the game, and no one else can make the decision about the game.
  8. All referees are to check to check their schedule (schedules may change), and you may also call the Referee Convener (647) 201-2310 every Saturday between 1-3 pm to receive your updated schedule for the next week. Schedules will be sent via email by the Referee Convener
  9. All referees must notify Referee Convener by Thursday at 8pm the week before, for any shifts that you will be absent for the following week and cannot be scheduled for. The Convener must be notified by email and phone.
  10. All referees are to notify Referee Convener 3 hrs in advance for all shift changes by email and  phone.
  11. If any referee might be late or thinks that they’re going to be late they are to the call referee convener ASAP! to notify.


Shift Changes

  • If you are unable to make a shift you are scheduled for and cannot give a weeks notice then it is your responsibility to find and confirm a replacement by looking through the referee contact list. * Please note that the referee that you are switching with has to be able/allowed to referee the age group played, this will be indicated on the referee contact list.
  • Then you must notify the referee convener by email and phone.

Information to tell Referee Convener.

  • What shift (Date & Field) is being switched?
  • Who will be covering the shift?

Missing Shifts

  • First Offence: Any referee that does not show up for a shift without any notice by email or phone call with a reasonable explanation will be suspended for three weeks
  • Second Offence: Any referee that does not show up for a shift without any notice by email or phone call with a reasonable explanation on their second offence will be relieved of their duties for the rest of the season.

Late for shifts (Without Reasonable explanation)

  • First Offence: Any referee that arrives more then 15mins late (6:45 pm) for their shift will be given a warning.
  • Second offence: Any referee that arrives more then 15min late (6:45 pm) for their shift will be deducted $5 off their pay for the day
  • Ongoing Offence: Any referee that happens to have an ongoing history of being late on a consistent basis will be suspended or retired depending on the situation.

* Please Note: Any referee that is more then 15mins late (7:00pm kick off time) for a shift risks the chance in losing his/her shift.

Rain Days

All referees must call the Rain Out Number (416) 435-0469 at 5:30 pm to confirm whether or not their shift is cancelled or if games will be played. Games are played in light right and are only cancelled for heavy rain or lightning. You may also check the BCLS Rain Blog at which is updated at 5:30 each day.

*Please note:  If a referee calls and confirms that his/her shift is NOT cancelled and then arrives at the field to find poor weather, the Shed Convener will make the choice to cancel the shift and the referee will be paid for the shift.

Referee evaluations

All referees are evaluated to decide what age group is appropriate for them to referee also for awards, prizes and recognition