Administrative Policies

Player Eligibility
The Beach Community Soccer League is open to all local children between 4-15 who are in good standing with the Club, regardless of their gender, skill or experience in the game of Soccer. For insurance and liability reasons, any player who is not officially registered with the BCSL may not, under any circumstances, participate in any game matches which are played under the auspices of the Beach Community Soccer League.


Player Attendance
If players will be absent for more than 6 games during the season, we ask that parents re-consider the decision to register in the league. Players have an obligation to support their team and their Coach through regular attendance and to take their participation on the team seriously, and if a player cannot commit to the team, the spot should be left open for someone who can. Players should always notify their Coach beforehand if they will not be able to attend a particular match so that he/she may plan the day’s line-up in advance. Punctuality is important, and players should try to be on time for all practices and games.


Any player who wishes to withdraw in good standing from the BCSL must advise the Administrator by email, earlier than the third scheduled match of any Session. Players failing to do so may not be eligible to participate in the BCSL in the following year. Players may only withdraw in good standing after this time for certifiable medical reasons or for unique compassionate reasons, but only if the Administrator is promptly notified.


Field Sheds
The sheds located at the south end of Pantry Park and the north end of Woodbine Park Field are used as the staging area for the BCSL’s programs and for general storage purposes. Unescorted entry into the sheds is strictly prohibited for all Coaches, players and spectators unless accompanied by an administrative official of the BCSL. Nobody (including Coaches) may remove any items from the sheds without the explicit permission of such an official. Theft or malicious damage of any BCSC equipment or property may result in criminal charges and/or the immediate and/or permanent expulsion from the BCSL.


All equipment issued to Coaches remains the property of the BCSL and must be returned to the Pantry Park or Woodbine Park field sheds immediately following the team’s last game at the end of the season. Player uniforms also remain the property of the BCSL until the end of the season, after which players may keep their own uniforms. Any player who either withdraws or is dismissed from the program must immediately return his/her complete uniform to the Coach so that it may be provided to a player replacing him/her on the team from the waiting lists. Theft or malicious damage of any BCSL equipment or property may result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the BCSL. Coaches should return goalie jerseys at the end of each season.


Players must wear the full uniform and proper equipment at all times in the field-of-play. This includes a jersey, shorts and socks issued by the Club as well as shin-guards supplied by the player. Substitute shorts supplied by the player may be worn but they must match the rest of the team. In cool or inclement weather, players may wear any long-sleeved top UNDERNEATH their team jersey but may not wear long pants at any time. Hats, sunglasses (including prescription sunglasses) wristwatches, long necklaces or other loose adornments or soccer shoes with steel cleats are not permitted in the playing field for safety reasons.


Matches will proceed in the rain, unless it has made the field unplayable or a local electrical storm is in progress. The decision to cancel or stop a match due to weather conditions will be made at the field or near kick-off time and may only be made by the Shed Manager, Director of Operations or Referee. When in doubt, come to the field to be sure.


Equal Playing Time
Each player is entitled to an equal amount of playing-time in the field throughout the regular season. Coaches are to provide equal time to each player to the very best of his/her ability.


Any player injured during play should never be moved in any way unless he/she can get up on their own. If they are unable to do so after a reasonable time please call 911 or solicit a qualified physician from amongst the spectators if available. This applies especially if there appears to be a head, neck or spinal injury.


Dismissal from Program
The BCSL reserves the right at any time to dismiss for the season or permanently ban any player, parent or Coach from BCSL programs for their failure to abide by these Regulations of the BCSL. It is not the policy of the BCSL to dismiss a player for any unacceptable behavior on the part of their parent. However a parent may be banned from the park by the BCSL and the player allowed to continue participation conditionally (if the parent should refuse to stay away the player may then be dismissed).