Coaches Code of Conduct

Please remember that your responsibility as a coach with the Beaches Community Soccer League’s
house league program requires you to abide by the following rules:

  • To provide a fun-filled and safe program for the players to learn and focus on enhancing soccer
    skills, not winning.
  • To encourage parents and players to exhibit good sportsmanship towards the opposing players,
    coaches and the game officials. Set the example by communicating with parents and players in a
    positive manner.
  • To upgrade personal coaching skills by participating in the house league coaching clinics.
  • To respect the decision of the game officials. They will make mistakes, but please set the
    example for your players and parents and refrain from shouting at them. Instead, provide
    feedback to the Referee Co-coordinator on the performance of the game official.
  • To teach the players fair play and to respect the rules of the game. You are their role model, so
    set the example.
  • To provide players with equal playing time so that they may learn and advance their skills, while
    still enjoying the game. Remember that recreational players play for fun and satisfaction.
  • To maintain high standards of personal conduct. Be enthusiastic and generous with deserved

Any coach who does not follow the League’s Code of Conduct may receive a warning letter. If a coach
should break the Code of Conduct a second time, said coach may be asked to leave the League for the
remainder of the season.